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August 25, 2014

How much does short-term health insurance cost?

So you need health insurance, but you’ve missed open enrollment and you don’t want to go uninsured. Unless you’ve had a qualifying life event, major medical health insurance might not be an option for you. What are your insurance options? Although they don’t meet the minimum coverage requirements of the Affordable Care Act, short-term health [...]
August 06, 2014

How Secure is Your Health Insurance Subsidy?

For four years, the Affordable Care Act  (ACA) has provided richer medical benefits to American health insurance consumers, primarily through expanded benefits but also through federal subsidies to help people afford the coverage they need. Subsidies may be available to you if your income falls below 400% of the federal poverty line (FPL). A lot [...]
August 03, 2014

Back to School Health Insurance Tips for College Students

Ring, ring goes the bell! Chuck Berry’s right: if you haven’t noticed yet, it’s back-to-school season again. For college students and their parents, that means making certain everything’s in order for a life of semi-autonomy. Laptop? Check. Cell phone? Check. Hot plate? Check. Health insurance? … Well, in case you haven’t checked off the health [...]

Recent Releases

September 02, 2014

COBRA Enrollees May Be Able to Save Thousands of Dollars by Buying Individual Health Insurance on Their Own

eHealth publishes tips for COBRA-eligible consumers and describes how they may save money by purchasing coverage on their own.
August 05, 2014

Consumers without Subsidies May Pay $189 More Per Month and Choose Lower Metal Level Health Insurance Plans, According to eHealth Analysis

Today eHealth released an analysis of cost data published by the federal government and by eHealth to compare the personal premium expenditures of consumers who used government subsidies to purchase coverage with those who selected plans without using government subsidies during open enrollment.
August 05, 2014

New eHealth Index Data Highlights Consumer Health Insurance Trends and Costs Outside of Open Enrollment

Today eHealth released updated information on consumer shopping trends and the cost of individual and family health insurance plans selected by eHealth shoppers outside of the nationwide open enrollment period.