eHealth’s Service to Medicare Beneficiaries Spotlighted on the Matt Feret Podcast

TMFS Andy Gossett Episode


eHealth’s own Andy Gossett joined Matt Feret recently on the Matt Feret Show podcast to discuss the challenge of finding the right Medicare plan for your needs and budget during Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period.

Matt asked Andy about his own background and what brought him to serving the coverage needs of Medicare beneficiaries. Andy also offered some key tips and suggestions for Medicare beneficiaries reviewing their coverage options during the current Medicare Annual Enrollment Period.

Describing what sets eHealth apart from the rest, Andy said:

“We see our beneficiaries as human beings. They have real lives, they've done real things... And we believe that they should be treated with respect and dignity at all times and in all parts of this process."

The Matt Feret Show is a podcast dedicated to the health, wealth and wellness of retirees, people over fifty-five, and caregivers helping loved ones. 

Listen to the full podcast here.