Home-bound? Find Out if Your Health Plan Covers Meal Delivery

Lunch is served!

As the COVID-19 coronavirus spreads across the United States, about eight in ten Americans have shifted their daily habits according to recently released data from eHealth. Among other behavioral shifts, “social distancing” measures have forced many people – particularly older adults who are more susceptible to the virus – to avoid grocery stores and restaurants, many of which have moved to carry-out only. With these changes, you may be wondering if meal delivery services are covered by your health insurance plan. Here’s what you need to know. 

In recent years, Medicare Advantage plans have expanded supplemental benefits, including nutritional support. These benefits are often designed for those who have been recently discharged from the hospital or are recovering from a serious medical condition.

If you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, the best way to find out if your plan offers meal delivery benefits, and if you qualify for these benefits, is to contact your insurer. 

If you are eligible, then you can work with your insurer to determine which meal delivery services may be available in your area and which services meet your needs. 

In addition to meal delivery options, some plans may also offer special discounts on meal prep services or health food companies. Beyond the more formal benefits offered through health insurance, in many places, local communities have come together to offer meal or food delivery assistance to older neighbors or those in need. 

Although it is always good to be familiar with the benefits of your health insurance plan, the coronavirus crisis presents an urgent reason to get up to speed on your coverage. Unfortunately, nearly 70% of those surveyed by eHealth lack a basic understanding of how coronavirus is covered by their plan. As you find yourself with more time at home these days, take a few minutes to review your coverage or call your insurer to learn more. You may just be surprised by the benefits – including meal delivery and nutritional support – that your plan offers.  

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