Most Seniors Happy with Existing Medicare Coverage, But Will Still Shop Around

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The majority of people on Medicare are satisfied with their current Medicare plan but still intend to review their coverage during this year’s open enrollment period.

The inclination to “trust but verify” when it comes to Medicare coverage emerged from a voluntary survey of 1,351 eHealth Medicare customers conducted in October of this year.

According to survey, 78% of respondents are currently satisfied with their Medicare coverage, although 79% said they plan to review their options during open enrollment. A little over one-quarter of those polled (26%) said they’re likely to switch plans for their 2020 coverage.

“Our survey results suggest Medicare beneficiaries are getting the message that it’s smart to review your coverage options every year,” said eHealth CEO Scott Flanders.


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“Your personal coverage needs may have changed, and your prescription drug coverage or provider networks may be changing next year. New plans are also being introduced for 2020. That’s why we encourage all Medicare beneficiaries to review their coverage options during open enrollment.”


New benefit options

A majority of those responding to the eHealth survey said they were also interested in new Medicare Advantage benefits available this year. The new benefits include not only traditional health care services like dental and vision care, but also non-health services designed to improve both the health and quality-of-life for people with chronic disease.

According to the survey, 70% of respondents were interested in new or additional dental and vision benefits, while 35% were interested in alternative medicine coverage. About a quarter (24%) were interested in benefits that provide nutritional support, and 20% expressed interest in medical transportation, telehealth services, and personal home helper assistance.


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More than 90% of those who were interested in the expanded Medicare Advantage benefits said the benefits’ availability would have either significant influence or some influence on the plans they ultimately chose to sign up for.

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