Introducing Our "Advisor in the Room" Pilot Program, Bridging the Gap Between Phone and In-Person Support

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We are excited to announce an upcoming pilot program for a new technology called "Advisor in the Room.” The program is expected to roll out for Medicare beneficiaries on a limited basis in Q2 2024, with the goal of transforming a traditional phone call into a dynamic, visual experience. This innovative technology will empower eHealth’s benefit advisors, who are licensed insurance agents, to instantly appear on a customer's computer or phone screen upon request, fostering a deeper connection and personalized support. 

How it Works: 

  1. During a phone call, advisors can seamlessly send a secure link to the customer. 
  2. With a single click, the customer grants permission, and the advisor appears on their screen using secure video technology.
  3. This shared visual workspace enables: 
  • Transparent plan selection: Advisors can visually guide customers through health plans, plan benefits, and help them select a plan that meets their needs.  
  • Enhanced personal connection: Seeing the advisor fosters trust and understanding, leading to a more positive customer experience. 
  • Increased efficiency: Visual communication clarifies explanations, reducing call times, and ultimately leading to stronger conversions and better retention. 
  • Customer privacy: Customers will be able to maintain their privacy because they will not be visible to the advisor.  

eHealth's digital team stands out in the industry by constantly exploring new ways to empower beneficiaries by making it easier and more convenient for people to access our services through online unassisted and omni-channel tools. When consumers make important financial and health care decisions, a face-to-face interaction with their advisor team can foster an environment of increased safety, convenience, and effectiveness.

Following the pilot program launch in Q2, Advisor in the Room is expected to be more broadly available to eHealth customers before Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period in the fall.