COBRA Subsidy Expiration: eHealthInsurance Releases New Consumer Video Answering More ‘Coping without COBRA’ Webinar Questions

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – (June 14, 2010) –Today eHealthInsurance (NASDAQ: EHTH), the leading online source of health insurance for individuals and families, released an additional video addressing the expiration of the COBRA subsidy.  The short video addresses more of the consumer concerns raised during eHealthInsurance’s ‘Coping without COBRA’ webinar, which took place May 25, 2010.
The new video, which was not included in the original webinar, addresses provisions of health reform coming into effect in 2010 that may be of special interest to those unable to qualify for or afford COBRA coverage.  It can be viewed and downloaded from the eHealthInsurance Media Center.
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The well-attended ‘Coping without COBRA’ webinar, co-hosted by eHealthInsurance, the Foundation for HealthCoverage Education and Healthcare Blue Book, was designed to address the concerns of current COBRA enrollees who are about to lose their 15-month federal subsidy, as well as others looking for health insurance options beyond COBRA.  Specifically, the webinar explored:
  • New and existing public health insurance programs that may serve as alternatives to COBRA (video)
  • New and existing privately-purchased health insurance products that may serve as alternatives to COBRA (video), and
  • Strategies for becoming a smarter consumer of medical care, for those with or without coverage (video)

COBRA Subsidy Q&A
For answers to common questions raised during the ‘Coping without COBRA’ webinar, see eHealthInsurance’s June 3, 2010 press release.

Additional Resources:
COBRA enrollees who want to learn more about their health insurance options after the expiration of the subsidy may refer to the following resources:
  • eHealthInsurance ( offers thousands of health insurance plans from over 180 carriers nationwide and is licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.  eHealthInsurance allows consumers to get quotes from a broad selection of individual and family health insurance plans in just seconds.  Consumers are able to compare rates and benefits, read customer reviews, receive advice from licensed agents by phone and apply for coverage online.
  • The Foundation for Health Coverage Education ( is a non-profit foundation created to help consumers understand the private and public health insurance options available in their state, and to provide them with the information they need to learn more and enroll for coverage.
  • Healthcare Blue Book ( helps empower consumers, both the insured and the uninsured, by identifying average costs for a broad range of medical services in their area, and by providing them with tools to negotiate rates and make the most of their health care dollars.
COBRA Subsidy Tools and Tips:
  • Do your homework: Research individual and family health insurance policies at
  • Understand all of your options – private or public: For quick reference, use eHealthInsurance’s new Your Health Insurance Options widget.  Or watch the recent ‘Coping without COBRA’ webinar, featuring experts from eHealthInsurance, the Foundation for Health Coverage Education and Healthcare Blue Book.
  • Know your timeline: Calculate the amount of time you have remaining on the COBRA subsidy using eHealth's COBRA Subsidy Calendar widget.
  • Talk to a licensed agent for personal help: If you have questions, call a licensed agent at 1-800-977-8860. eHealthInsurance has agents that are licensed in every state of the union.
  • Don't let pre-existing conditions scare you: If you have pre-existing medical conditions, talk to an agent first to see if you might qualify with certain carriers, or to learn more about HIPAA plans.  Then contact the Foundation for Health Coverage Education ( to review public options available in your area.
  • Get informed: Whether you are insured or uninsured, get a clear understanding of medical costs using the helpful research and comparison tools at Healthcare Blue Book (
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