Health Reform Videos: eHealthInsurance Launches Video Series To Educate Consumers About Health Reform Timeline and Benefits

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, June 2, 2010 –Today, eHealth, Inc. (NASDAQ: EHTH), parent company of eHealthInsurance (, released a six-part series of videos that outline some of the key benefits and implementation timelines for health reform.
eHealthInsurance continues to receive phone calls and emails from consumers who are seeking guidance on their health insurance decisions, now that health care reform legislation has been signed into law.
In a recent survey, eHealthInsurance found 39% of uninsured Americans plan to wait for reform legislation to be fully implemented before searching for health coverage1 and that many expect reforms to be implemented in 2010: 60% believe insurance companies can’t deny applications because of pre-existing conditions, 39% expect government exchanges to be up and running and 37% expect subsidies to help buy health insurance to be available1.
As the leading online source of health insurance for individuals, families and small businesses, eHealthInsurance assists thousands of customers every month as they seek to enroll in quality, affordable health insurance coverage. Licensed health insurance agents in eHealthInsurance’s customer care center have collaborated to provide targeted answers to questions from consumers on six topics:
How does health reform help:
  1. 1.       People graduating from college?
  2. 2.       People losing their COBRA subsidy?
  3. 3.       People who buy their own health insurance?
  4. 4.       Uninsured people in good health?
  5. 5.       People whose children under 18 have pre-existing conditions?
  6. 6.       People with pre-existing medical conditions?
1From a survey conducted in April 2010 by Opinion Research Corporation and sponsored by eHealthInsurance.  To view the survey results visit eHealthInsurance’s media center or read the press release located at
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