New eHealth Research Sheds Light on Health Care Challenges for Small to Mid-Sized Employers

82% say it's harder to hire and retain good workers today than it was three years ago

90% say offering group health benefits helps them hire and retain quality employees

47% say a premium increase of 15% would make offering coverage unaffordable 

AUSTIN, TexasFeb. 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Smaller employers say it's harder to find good workers today than it was three years ago, but offering group health coverage can make a difference. Modest cost increases could force many to abandon group health coverage. While alternatives like ICHRA are promising, relatively few know about them.

Those are among the insights uncovered from new original research published today by eHealth, Inc. (Nasdaq: EHTH) (, a leading online private health insurance marketplace.

Based on a survey of more than 550 owners and manager of small to mid-sized companies, eHealth found:

  • It's a challenging labor market for smaller employers: 82% of respondents say it's harder to hire and keep good workers today than it was three years ago.
  • Health benefits help them hire good workers: 90% of those offering health coverage say it helps them hire and retain the best workers.
  • Modest premium increases could make coverage unaffordable: 47% say an increase of 15% in premium costs would make offering coverage unaffordable.
  • Those not offering coverage can't afford it: 82% of those offering health coverage pay $200 or more per employee per month; only 14% of those not offering health coverage can afford $200 per month.
  • About half of respondents are unaware of group coverage alternatives like ICHRA: 55% are uneducated about individual health coverage reimbursement arrangements (ICHRAs), which allow employers to provide a monthly stipend for employees to buy coverage on their own.

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eHealth's original research is based on a general population survey of more than 550 owners and managers of small to mid-sized businesses. Refer to the methodology note at the end of the report for more details.

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