eHealth Launches in Xiamen, China

Certain Consumers in China Can Now Shop for Health, Life and Accident Insurance Online Through eHealth's

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 09/27/07 -- eHealth, Inc. (NASDAQ: EHTH) todayannounced that its China subsidiary eHealth China (Xiamen) Technology Co.,Ltd. has launched a pilot program to market insurance online in China'sFujian province. As part of the pilot program, residents of the city ofXiamen in the Fujian province in China can shop for health, life andaccident insurance at the company's website, which featuresapproximately 25 insurance plans from insurance carriers consisting ofChina Life, Ping An, Taikang Life and Tianan. eHealth China currently islicensed to sell health, life and accidentinsurance in the Fujian province in China.

About eHealth, Inc.

eHealth, Inc. is the parent company of eHealthInsurance, the leading onlinesource of health insurancein the United States for individuals, families and small businesses.eHealthInsurance presents complex health insurance information in anobjective, user-friendly format, enabling the research, analysis,comparison and purchase of health insurance products that best meetconsumers' needs. eHealth and eHealthInsurance are registered trademarks ofeHealthInsurance Services, Inc.

eHealth, Inc. was founded in 1997 and its technology was responsible forthe nation's first Internet-based sale of a health insurance policy in theUnited States. eHealth is headquartered in Mountain View, California.Additional information can be found on eHealth's website,

Forward-Looking Statements and Risks

This press release may contain statements that are forward-lookingstatements as defined within the Private Securities Litigation Reform Actof 1995. These include statements regarding the feasibility and demand foreHealth's ecommerce platform for the sale of health, life and accidentinsurance in China. There can be no assurance that the company will besuccessful in marketing or selling insurance in China. The ability of thecompany to successfully market and sell insurance in China is inherentlysubject to various risks and uncertainties, including risks associated withvarious legal and regulatory matters, including the permissibility of thecompany's sale of insurance in China; varied, unfamiliar and unclear laws,rules and regulations; legal, political or systemic restrictions on theability of United States companies or their wholly-owned subsidiaries tomarket insurance or otherwise do business in China; disadvantages and aninability to obtain or maintain necessary approvals as a result of thecompany's subsidiary in China being wholly foreign owned or otherwise;restrictions on the importation of programming to or from the UnitedStates; inexperience in marketing or selling insurance in China or inadapting its business and ecommerce platform and distribution model toChinese markets and cultures and legal and regulatory regimes or businesscustoms; and lack of demand for health or other insurance as a result ofthe government's role in paying for healthcare and other expenses. Inaddition the company's success in establishing an insurance business inChina also would be dependent upon many of the factors that influence thesuccess of the company's business in the United States, includingacceptance of the Internet and the company's ecommerce platform as amarketplace for the purchase of insurance; success in marketing thecompany's ecommerce platform and in retaining members who purchasedinsurance after using that platform; the company's ability to enter intoand maintain relationships with insurance carriers; the affordability andattractiveness of the insurance products offered; insurance carrierbusiness practices; the effectiveness with which the company establishes abrand identity; performance, reliability and availability of the ecommerceplatform; competition; the regulatory and healthcare reimbursementenvironment; the company's ability to attract qualified personnel andnetwork security.

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