College Graduates Gift Guide: Survey Results Show Cars Top the List, but Health Insurance and Rent Money Not Far Behind

After Graduation; 26% Want Cars; 1% Want Gift Certificates; 14% Want Financial Security in the Form of Health Insurance

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 05/21/09 -- College graduates are facing an uncertain future due to the challenging economy, and their wish list for graduation gifts reflects these sobering times. A new car was the top-rated graduation gift on the list, but more pragmatic gifts like health insurance and rent money were considered to be more desirable than "fun" gifts like electronics and sporting goods, according to the national survey of college students conducted by global insights firm Kelton Research and sponsored by eHealthInsurance (

14% of grads would opt for practical gifts like health insurance while 12% wanted money to pay rent. These types of gifts may reflect the challenging job market students are likely to face after graduation. More traditional and affordable gifts, such as gift certificates (1%), sporting equipment (1%) and hand-held electronics (2%) hovered near the bottom of student's wish lists.

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The key findings of the survey include:

If you could only receive one of the following as a college graduation present, which would it be?

--  A new Car - 26%--  A trip with family or friends - 19%--  Money to spend on expenses such as groceries or gas - 17%--  Health insurance - 14%--  Money to spend on rent - 12%--  Large electronics such as a computer, TV, or gaming system - 8%--  Small electronics such as a cell phone or GPS - 2%--  Sporting equipment such as a bicycle or snowboard - 1%--  A gift certificate or shopping spree for clothing or beauty products -    1%    

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