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Average Student Expects to Find Work Within 6 Months of Graduation

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 06/09/09 -- Despite a challenging economy, college students are optimistic about their job prospects after graduation, according to a national poll of college students, ages 18-24, sponsored by eHealthInsurance ( The survey found that 89 percent of students expect to find jobs related to their major and 82 percent believe they'll have that job within 6 months of graduation. Survey results also showed students are pragmatic about job benefits; health insurance was the highest rated workplace benefit.

This optimism flies in the face of The National Association of Colleges and Employers 2009 Spring Update, which reported that employers plan to hire 22 percent fewer college graduates this year.

The poll conducted by global insights firm Kelton Research also found that, after health insurance, having a flexible work schedule was the most highly rated benefit among students looking to enter the workforce. Altogether, 16 percent of students said they would consider passing on a job if it did not offer a flexible work schedule or the ability to work from home.

While health insurance was the top-rated benefit for college students (29 percent of students would consider passing on a job if it didn't offer health insurance), the majority said they would prefer not to get their health insurance from an employer. Instead, 63 percent would prefer to buy individual health insurance on their own and keep it regardless of where they worked.

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Key findings of the survey include:

College students prefer portable health insurance:

The national poll found that the overwhelming majority of students would prefer to take their shop for their own health insurance policy and take it with them from job to job:

--  Prefer Portability: The majority (63%) would prefer to find a health    insurance plan on my own and keep it regardless of where I work.--  Prefer an employer sponsored option: 37% would prefer to change health    insurance plans every time they change jobs.    

College students (82%) expect to find work within 6 months of graduation:

--  Expect to find job within 1-2 months: 16%--  Expect to find job within 3-6 months: 36%--  Expect to find job within 7-12 months: 7%--  Expect to find job within 13 months or more: 2%--  Expect to have job before graduation: 30%--  Have job lined up before graduation: 9%    

In the first 6 months following graduation 44% of students expect to find work they're well qualified for, while 19% don't expect to be earning money during that time:

-- Expect to be working in a job that matches their qualifications: 44%-- Expect to be working in a job they're overqualified for: 15%-- Expect to be working in a paid internship: 14%-- Expect to be working in a job they're under-qualified for: 4%-- Expect to be consulting, doing freelance work, or starting a business:   3%Paid net: 81%-- Expect to be volunteering: 8%-- Expect to be traveling: 5%-- Expect to be working at an unpaid internship: 2%Un-paid net: 15%-- Other: 4%

Majority of college students expect their first job to provide healthcare benefits:

--  Likely Their First Job Will Provide Healthcare Benefits: 85%--  Not Likely Their First Job Will Provide Healthcare Benefits: 15%    

Majority confident they'll find a job related to their major after graduation:

--  Confident: 89%--  Not Confident: 11%    

Health insurance and flexible schedule are the job benefits most students consider non-negotiable (would consider passing on the job) when evaluating job opportunities:

--  Health insurance: 29%--  A flexible schedule (Non-traditional hours, being able to work from    home): 16%--  401(k) or other retirement accounts: 15%--  Commute or office location: 13%--  Vacation Time: 12%--  Gym Memberships: 6%--  Corporate Culture: 5%--  Your Potential Title: 4%    

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