Self-employed Health Insurance: eHealthInsurance Releases Guide for Self-employed and Small Business Owners

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA—February 28, 2011 – Today eHealthInsurance (NASDAQ: EHTH), the leading online source of health insurance for individuals, families and small businesses, released ‘Health Insurance for Entrepreneurs,’ a health insurance buyer’s guide designed to help self-employed individuals and small business owners find the individual or group health insurance best suited to their needs.
As the economy begins to regain momentum, more attention is being focused on the opportunities available to self-employed and small business entrepreneurs. According to numbers recently released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 14 million Americans are currently self-employed.
eHealthInsurance’s ‘Health Insurance for Entrepreneurs’ buyer’s guide is designed to help today’s entrepreneurs make sure they get the coverage they need to protect their own best business asset: their health. It also provides guidance as they progress from solo entrepreneur to small business owner (with employees), advising them when they should consider moving from individual health insurance to small group coverage.
“We’ve served the needs of self-employed persons and small business owners for years,” said eHealthInsurance Vice President for Customer Care, Gary Matalucci. “We know how important health insurance is to them. Whether they’re just starting out or managing a growing business with five or ten employees, a serious illness or week in the hospital can mean financial disaster if they’re uninsured. Our new buyer’s guide can help them protect their own health – and the health of their businesses.”
The ‘Health Insurance for Entrepreneurs’ guide is split into four sections, designed to address the changing needs of growing businesses: 
  • The Basics – This section of the guide discusses the value of health insurance for self-employed and small business persons, draws distinctions between “individual” and “group” coverage, introduces key terms, and discusses the effects of health care reform on both self-employed and small business entrepreneurs.
  • Self-employed – The second segment of the guide is devoted primarily to self-employed persons – that is, those who go into business on their own or as consultants, without additional employees. It focuses on individual or family health insurance options rather than group coverage and guides self-employed persons through the shopping and application process.
  • Small Business – The third section addresses the needs of self-employed people who have grown their business to the point where they now have additional employees and may want to consider purchasing a group health insurance plan to provide coverage to employees and their dependents as well as themselves.
  • Resources – The final section of the guide directs self-employed and small business entrepreneurs to other resources and provides a substantial glossary of definitions to health insurance terms that are often confusing for consumers.
To Download the Guide:
A PDF version of eHealthInsurance’s ‘HealthInsurance for Entrepreneurs’ guide can be accessed through the eHealthInsurance website and downloaded from the following locations:
Additional Help:      
  • Self-employed persons and small business owners will find a wealth of information about their health insurance options through the website.
  • For additional assistance, consumers interested in individual or family insurance products may reach licensed agents at eHealthInsurance’s Customer Care Center at 1-800-977-8860.
  • Self-employed persons and small business owners interested in understanding their group health insurance options are also encouraged to contact eHealthInsurance by phone 1-877-456-6670.
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