Surveys Suggest Health Insurance Shoppers Are Significantly More Satisfied When They Buy Coverage Outside of Government-Run Exchanges

Nearly 70% of eHealth’s private marketplace shoppers reported being satisfied with their health plan in eHealth’s survey, while only 30% of those who enrolled through government exchanges reported being satisfied in Deloitte’s survey

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – September 16, 2015 – Today eHealth, Inc. (NASDAQ: EHTH –, the nation’s first and largest private online health insurance exchange, drew attention to a survey previously published by eHealth and another survey recently published by Deloitte LLP suggesting that consumers who purchase health insurance outside of government exchanges are more satisfied than those who purchase coverage through government-run exchanges.

According to the report published in August 2015 by Deloitte, only 30% of consumers who enrolled in health insurance through a government-run exchange were satisfied with their plan1. By contrast, a separate survey of eHealth shoppers published in February 2015 found that 69% of health insurance shoppers who purchased through eHealth were satisfied with the value of their plan2.  There was no coordination between Deloitte and eHealth in designing or conducting the separate surveys.3

“We believe that eHealth’s private marketplace platform, which has been refined over more than fifteen years as a leading ecommerce destination, better serves the needs of today’s health insurance shoppers and hence leads to better overall customer satisfaction,” said eHealth CEO and Chairman Gary Lauer.

 “Through private online health insurance marketplaces like eHealth,” Mr. Lauer continued, “consumers can often find the same health insurance plans and the government subsidies that are available through government-run exchanges. In addition, private marketplaces like eHealth often provide shoppers with a broader view of their coverage options, a simpler and more intuitive online shopping experience, and personal help and advice from licensed health insurance agents.”

General Satisfaction

A comparison of Deloitte’s and eHealth’s findings suggests that consumers who shop for and purchase coverage through private online marketplaces are more satisfied with their health insurance plan than those who enrolled through government-run exchanges:

  • In Deloitte’s survey, only three-in-ten (30%) government exchange enrollees said that they were satisfied with their current health insurance plan.
  • By comparison, eHealth’s survey found that more than two-thirds (69%) of respondents who purchased through eHealth were somewhat satisfied or very satisfied with the value of their health insurance plan.

Affordability a Factor in Shopping

Both Deloitte’s and eHealth’s surveys show that health insurance consumers are motivated by cost when it comes to selecting health insurance plans:

  • In Deloitte’s survey, about three-quarters (76%) of government exchange enrollees said that the overall amount they had to pay in terms of premiums, deductibles and copays was an important factor when they chose their current plan.
  • Half (50%) of the respondents in eHealth’s survey said they had chosen their current health insurance plan because it was the most affordable option available to them.

Concerns over the Cost of Medical Care

Both Deloitte’s and eHealth’s surveys showed that health insurance policy holders are worried about their ability to pay for future medical care:

  • In Deloitte’s survey, fewer than one-in-five (16%) government exchange enrollees felt financially prepared to handle their future health care costs.
  • eHealth’s survey showed that in the event of a major medical expense, about six-in-ten (61%) thought it was likely that they would have difficulty covering the cost of their deductible.


1 See Deloitte’s August 2015 report titled
Public health insurance exchanges: Opening the door for a new generation of engaged health care consumers.
2 See Health’s February 2015 report titled
Coverage Satisfaction Index: Survey of Individual and Family Health Insurance Shoppers.
 The Deloitte survey and the eHealth survey were conducted separately on different populations at different times, with different methodologies, survey questions and answers, sample sizes and sampling techniques, and other differing variables.  Deloitte and eHealth did not coordinate on the surveys, so the surveys were not designed to use the same methodologies or to be statistically accurate when used in conjunction.  Therefore, the results of the two surveys may not be directly comparable, but only suggest possible trends that may be similar or different in the two surveyed populations.  Please see each survey report above for their respective methodology details.




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