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Medicare Beneficiaries on
March 10, 2020

Medicare Beneficiaries on "Medicare for All"

The survey results presented in this report track Medicare beneficiaries’ attitudes to proposals that would potentially expand Medicare coverage to more Americans, and the support of beneficiaries for presidential candidates who champion a “Medicare for all” reform of the program.
February 18, 2020

Medicare Costs and Satisfaction Survey

The survey results presented in this report describe Medicare consumers’ priorities when choosing a Medicare insurance plan, their concerns about costs and surprise medical bills, and how they prefer to shop for and enroll in Medicare insurance products
February 10, 2020

Medicare Advantage Satisfaction and Awareness Survey

This report presents results from a survey of Medicare Advantage enrollees who purchased their coverage through eHealth. It explores consumer familiarity with the special open enrollment period for Medicare Advantage and the various reasons that may inspire enrollees to make changes to their coverage.
Medicare Supplement Price Comparison Report
January 06, 2020

Medicare Supplement Price Comparison Report

Medicare Supplement plans of the same type (Plan A, for example) offered by different insurers may vary significantly from one another in terms of premium while providing the same basic benefits and levels of coverage.
ACA Half-Time Snapshot: Open Enrollment Costs & Trends
November 26, 2019

ACA Half-Time Snapshot: Open Enrollment Costs & Trends

This report presents an analysis of costs and trends among consumers not receiving government subsidies who selected Affordable Care Act (ACA) insurance plans through eHealth during the first half of the nationwide open enrollment period for 2020...
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