Baby Boomers: Not Saving for Retirement, Don’t Understand Medicare – eHealth Survey Finds

eHealth survey tests baby boomers’ awareness of “Medicare Myths” and concerns about the presidential election’s potential impact on Medicare
Mountain View, CA – MONTH XX, 2012 – Today eHealth, Inc (NASDAQ: EHTH) released results from a survey of consumers who purchased health insurance through The eHealth Baby Boomer Survey found that 64 percent of baby boomers felt they were not saving enough for their own retirement. The majority (69%) said they expected to be working after their 65th birthday, either because they want to (31%) or because they feel they’ll have to (38%) in order to make ends meet. eHealth, Inc. is the parent company of eHealthInsurance, America’s first and largest health insurance exchange.
About 90 percent of the baby boomers surveyed also reported being more concerned about the future of Medicare because of the upcoming presidential election. In spite of concerns about Medicare’s future, many did not understand basic parts of how the Medicare program actually works. Many of those surveyed failed to correctly answer four basic questions about commonly accepted “Medicare myths”:
  • Myth #1: Medicare works just like regular health insurance – 60% didn’t know this was false.
  • Myth #2: Medicare is free – 30% didn’t know this was false.
  • Myth #3: A person can enroll in Medicare any time after they’re 65, without penalty – 77% didn’t know this was false.
  • Myth #4: Medicare covers everything – 19% didn’t know this was false.
Baby Boomer Survey Demographics
  • Age: Nearly half (46%) of the baby boomers surveyed would be eligible for Medicare within 10 years.
  • Gender: Forty-four percent (44%) were male and fifty-six percent (56%) were female.
  • Highest Level of Education: Almost two-thirds of those surveyed (64%) had a college degree. One-in-four (28%) had a master’s degree and one-in-three (36%) had a bachelor’s degree (36%).  One-in-four (25%) had attended, but not completed college; one-in-ten (10%) had graduated high school.
  • Marital Status: The majority (58%) were married. One-in-five were single (22%) or divorced (20%).
  • Employment: Over half (51%) of the baby boomers in the survey were self-employed (29%) or owned a small business (22%). One-in-four (25%) worked for a small business, with anywhere from less than 50 employees (15%) to 200+ employees (10%). One-in-ten (10%) was retired or unemployed (11%), and three percent (3%) were full-time, stay-at-home parents.
eHealth’s Baby Boomer Survey can be downloaded in full here or through the eHealth, Inc. Media Center. The URL for the report is:
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