eHealth Offers Consumers 46% More Health Insurance Plans To Choose From Than

Survey of Obamacare plan offerings in 33 states demonstrates why consumers – even subsidy-eligible consumers – may be better served by shopping at eHealth

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – January 15, 2015 – Today eHealth, Inc. (NASDAQ: EHTH –, the nation’s first and largest private online health insurance exchange, published an analysis of the number of Affordable Care Act health insurance plans presented to consumers through eHealth compared to the number of plans offered by in 33 states. The analysis shows that eHealth can help consumers choose from a total of 6,249 plans when they shop through eHealth, including more than 1,900 health insurance plans not available on

The additional health insurance plans available through eHealth are health reform-compliant individual and family plans from brand-name insurance companies which are not eligible for use with government-funded premium tax credits.

The complete analysis is available for review as a PDF report and through the company’s Media Center. Highlights from eHealth’s analysis include the following:

  • 46% More Plans at eHealth: eHealth shows consumers a total of 6,249 health plans; shows consumers 4,287 health plans.

  • 52% More Bronze Plans: eHealth shows 1,914 bronze level plans; shows 1,260.

  • 44% More Silver Plans: eHealth shows 2,235 silver level plans; shows 1,551.

  • 41% More Gold Plans: eHealth shows 1,366 gold level plans; shows 967.

  • 33% More Platinum Plans: eHealth shows 372 platinum level plans; shows 279.

  • 57% More Catastrophic Plans: eHealth shows 362 catastrophic level plans; shows 230.

“If you really want to find the right health plan for your needs and budget, you need to compare your choices from the broadest selection possible,” said Gary Lauer, CEO and Chairman of eHealth, Inc. “Whether you’re eligible for a government health insurance subsidy or not, eHealth is the clear place to shop for coverage this open enrollment period. When you can come to eHealth and find a listing of all the plans that are available at your state’s government exchange, plus additional health reform-compliant plans that may be better suited to your personal needs and budget, why shop anywhere else?”

In the 33 states surveyed, eHealth offers consumers a listing of all the health insurance plans available through In addition to these, eHealth offers additional individual and family major medical plans not available through the government-run exchange. eHealth is able to enroll subsidy-eligible consumers in coverage in each of the 33 states included in the survey.

State-Specific Plan Data
The following figures represent the total number of plans available through compared to the total number of plans available through eHealth in each of the states included in eHealth’s analysis.


  • Plans on 29

  • Plans on 54


  • Plans on 30

  • Plans on 46


  • Plans on 206

  • Plans on 227


  • Plans on 25

  • Plans on 35


  • Plans on 272

  • Plans on 349


  • Plans on 207

  • Plans on 432


  • Plans on 288

  • Plans on 417


  • Plans on 137

  • Plans on 338


  • Plans on 108

  • Plans on 179


  • Plans on 64

  • Plans on 115


  • Plans on 79

  • Plans on 121


  • Plans on 53

  • Plans on 96


  • Plans on 205

  • Plans on 249


  • Plans on 56

  • Plans on 87


  • Plans on 88

  • Plans on 165


  • Plans on 49

  • Plans on 50


  • Plans on 71

  • Plans on 111

New Hampshire

  • Plans on 42

  • Plans on 51

New Jersey

  • Plans on 59

  • Plans on 75

North Carolina

  • Plans on 80

  • Plans on 124

North Dakota

  • Plans on 33

  • Plans on 34


  • Plans on 267

  • Plans on 313


  • Plans on 107

  • Plans on 148


  • Plans on 266

  • Plans on 308

South Carolina

  • Plans on 126

  • Plans on 163

South Dakota

  • Plans on 41

  • Plans on 55


  • Plans on 216

  • Plans on 261


  • Plans on 405

  • Plans on 579


  • Plans on 108

  • Plans on 157


  • Plans on 95

  • Plans on 269

West Virginia

  • Plans on 15

  • Plans on 26


  • Plans on 417

  • Plans on 556


  • Plans on 43

  • Plans on 59

For more information about eHealth’s analysis, and a break-down of plan availability by metal level within each of the above states, refer to eHealth’s complete report.

Report Details
This report is based on data collected in December 2014. Plan availability on both and is subject to change without notice, and eHealth has no obligation to update this report. Not all plans are available in every part of a state or region, and each consumer may not otherwise have access to all plans offered in a particular state or region.’s plan selection page is designed to only show the plans available within that consumer’s ZIP code, so does not necessarily display all plans available within each state for every consumer. All plans available for enrollment on are listed on the appropriate plan selection page on, but does not have prices , detailed plan information or plan enrollment available for all such plans.

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